A complete beginners guide to Beatboxing with 6 weeks of lessons included. Package includes 6 x 45min video lessons, 6 x 15min activities, E-book, 24/7 Helpdesk.

Beatbox Course

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  • Week 1 – What is Beatboxing?

    An Introductory to what Beatboxing is, how it is used, the Boots and Cats technique and important breathwork to start and finish our lesson.

    Week 2 – Foundations & Voice

    We explore more foundational sounds and beats to create music. We look at Bass, Kicks, Snares, Hi Hat techniques and singing while beatboxing. Let’s give the new sounds a go in our routine.

    Week 3 – History

    We look into the history of beatbox, deriving from the hip hop culture. We look at how these two cultures evolved from the 80s New York City hip hop era. We then throw down a classic hip hop routine. 

    Week 4 – Sound Effects

    Vocal DJ Scratching is an ingredient to make your beats even hotter! Let’s look at how we can transition between beats with the vocal scratch.

    Week 5 – Exploring Genre

    Dance beats are a sure way to get a crowd hype! We look at how different beatboxers incorporate many genres in their routine. We learn how easy it is to create a dance beat.

    Week 6 – Beatbox Battle scene

    Are you competitive? Let’s dive into the battle scene and learn where it was formed and why it is an element in our culture. This is a great time to get a partner and try a beatbox battle or, you can battle me!